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Artisan Designs Our Work 22 April 2020 0 Comments

Breathe new life into a favourite cocktail dress. Liven up your traditional qipao. Or perhaps you are bursting with ideas from the latest runway show. Bring your outfit to us and enjoy the experience of watching your style inspirations come to life.


Artisan Designs Our Work 21 April 2020 0 Comments

Day totes, evening clutches and everything in between. As you accessorise your outfits, all your bags should spark joy! Restyle your tried and true bags with a distinctive hand-painted design that is all your own and turn your classic bags into a work of art.

Brand Collaborations

Our Work 21 April 2020 0 Comments

We are happy to work with brands who see the exponential potential of collaborating with us. Our process is relaxed yet creative, and we will give equal input to forge a channel that is mutually beneficial. Every collaboration is as unique in its process as its outcome – starting with an initial sketch that leads us to an exciting journey ahead.
Contact us with your ideas.

Classes & Workshops

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We hold classes and workshops that can cater to children or adults. Speak to us and let us customise a session that fits your needs.

Children’s Classes

  • Party activity
  • Holiday fun

Adults’ Workshops

  • Corporate activity
  • One-on-one tutelage


Artisan Designs Our Work 20 April 2020 0 Comments

It’s always the unusual details in a shoe that makes it an objet d’art. Design one-of-a-kind sneakers with an arty retro feel or elevate your leather stilettos with embellished hand-painted accents. When you’re tired of the classic take, get inspired with us!